Access Procedures & Scheduling

So you are ready to dive Hart Springs? Follow the procedures below to get started.



  • You must select and contact a guide to make sure they are available for your desired diving date & time.  A list of guides is available by clicking here.
  • The guide will refer you to DIVEHARTSPRINGS.COM to review the rules & policies.
  • Verbal contact will be established between you and the guide.
  • The guide will verify the cave availability (Park Access and Conditions).
  • The guide will ask you to download all necessary releases and forms from the DIVEHARTSPRINGS.COM website. You will need to print them out and bring them with you to Hart Springs.
  • The guide will make a courtesy call to Hart Springs to notify them of your scheduled date and time.
  • The guide will meet you at an appropriate location at Hart Springs.
  • The guide will check and verify your credentials including rating, DAN insurance or equivalent, and proof of experience.
  • The guide will supervise your completion of the waiver and other forms.
  • The guide will make sure that all fees are paid and turn in waivers and releases to the staff or drop box.
  • The guide will now conduct the dive with you. The guide will make sure any gates (if used) are locked and secure.
  • The guide will coordinate a safe entry and exit plan for all teams if more than one team is present.
  • The guide will follow established check-out procedures upon completion of the dive.
  • The guide will report any problems, line damage, injuries, or other incidents to the Guides Committee.