Dive Reports


Since Little Hart is now available for non-guided diving there have been no recent reports from guides to post.

July 23, 2017

Report from Ken Sallot & John Wynkoop:

Flow was down, making it relatively easy to swim. Visibility was variable increasing the further into the system you went. From Little Hart to the Mung tunnel visibility was 40′ with heavy particulate, from the Mung Tunnel to the Black Lagoon visibility was 50-60′ with a blue tint and moderate particulate.  From the Black Lagoon to the Grand Passage was 80-90, blue color, and almost zero particulate.

December 26, 2009

Report from Rick Crawford:

The Black Lagoon had 10′ vis in the basin and first 30′ into the cave. At 60′ vis went to less than 2′ and the water temp dropped. Worse at “T”. The system has reversed.

November 29, 2009

Report From Tom McMillan:

Dove Little Hart in the AM. Very brisk flow great visibility on the way in. On the way out very much particulate due to percolation of the diver’s bubbles. Went down to the Black Lagoon to have a look at the new parking area, it looks great. The road down to the Lagoon has been improved also.

Report from Jerry Murphy:

Dove Black Lagoon; the basin has turned over and is nearly blue. Upstream, the flow was minimal and there was 50 to 60 foot of vis.

There was a gator in the basin; it was tucked up on the 25-foot ledge. It was probably between 4 and 6 feet long. Only had a short glimpse of the jaws as we passed.

Report from Rick Crawford:

Little Hart Sat Nov 7 flow moderate, easy entry into the first room. Small boil at the surface. Vis 50-70. The line is in good condition.

Report from Jerry Murphy:

Hart is still blown. The main spring basin is black with maybe 6 inches of visibility. The boat basin adjacent to the Little Hart parking area is full to the top so the river still has to come down quite a bit. Little Hart does have a boil on it; I expect the flow may be howling for a while after the river goes down.

The path to Black Lagoon is dry but the water’s edge in the basin is still 10 to 15 ft beyond its normal place. The platform and steps are still under water. I was out there around 3 in the afternoon and did not get carried off by mosquitoes.

Feb 1, 2009

Report from Jerry Murphy:

Dove at Little Hart, the flow was not bad; vis was 40-50 ft. There was a bit of particulate probably due to the 6 inches of rain we had.

I did see the gator in Black Lagoon the week before. It vacated while we were in the system; I don’t know if it came back. It is less than 5 ft and the recent temperatures will keep it very lethargic.

January 27, 2009

Report from Jerry Murphy:

Spotted a 5-foot alligator in the Black Lagoon while entering the cave. It was not present on exit.

November 28, 2008

Report from Tom McMillan:

The flow is up considerably, but not as much as “normal” but close. The vis was about 60 feet with a lot of particulate in the water column. There was a considerable boil at Little Hart. The Black Lagoon was crystal clear for the first diver…

November 16, 2008

Report from Jerry Murphy:

The Suwannee is down a little so the flow was up. Visibility was at least 60 feet and the system was as nice as I have seen it in a while.

August 28, 2008

Report from Rick Crawford:

Zero visibility to the “T” from the Black Lagoon. The Cave has reversed.

August 11, 2008

Report from Jill Heinerth:

Basin-low vis 5-10 feet. Upstream-great vis, low flow, good vis one way, chunky coming back.

July 27, 2008

Report from David Miner:

Vis was maybe 50 feet and a little green, and there was a fair amount of silt on everything. Also, some particulate and the white snot stuff all around. The basin was pretty murky.

July 02, 2008

Report from Jerry Murphy:

I made a dive into Black Lagoon yesterday afternoon and the vis is in excess of 50 ft and most of the flood debris has flushed out. The basin is tannic but cleared to blue water at 10 ft. The flow is minimal. I have notified Gilchrist County that the Black Lagoon is now open for diving under the normal rules and guest/guide ratio.

May 01, 2008

Report from Jerry Murphy:

Scott Byars and I made a dive into Black Lagoon yesterday afternoon and I am sorry to say we can’t open it yet.

The visibility was maybe 20 feet and still pretty tannic. The flow was up from before the flood but nowhere near what it could/should be. There is also a lot of particulate and algae/bacteria in the water. all surfaces have a good covering of silt. Our passing resulted in pretty much zero-visibility. All to be expected; if it were it a river cave I would I would have said they were great conditions but we all know better.

We’ll probably want to make a few dive in there to verify better conditions before we take guests in.

I will check again in a week or two.

February 06, 2008

Report from Rick Crawford: Conditions at Black Lagoon were excellent today. Good visibility in the basin and 70′-80′ visibility in the cave system. Water lettuce is back. Need another cleanup with the famous pole dancer!!!!

January 20, 2008

Report from Tom McMillan: The visibility is at least 100′. The flow is still way down. The Hart Springs Educational Cave Clinic was a great success. Lots of divers attended and a good time was had by all. If you did not attend, you missed out on a great weekend of diving and socializing.

January 12, 2008

Report from Rick Crawford: Black Lagoon was clear and the entrance shaft clear also. Swam upstream to the end of the gold line. Low flow and the visibility was 80’+ feet.

January 08, 2008

Report from Jill Heinerth: “Visibility as clear as I have ever seen it. The basin is crystal clear and there appears to be less of the floating algae chunks in the water column of the cave itself. Flow is very gentle.”

January 04, 2008

Report from Tom McMillan: Visibility at least 100′, flow is still minimal. The Black Lagoon did not live up to its name, it was crystal clear with almost no lettuce. The platform and steps are the best things that have happened since the cave opened back up. If you haven’t dived Hart in some time now is the time. Swim to the end of the gold line in around 30 minutes at a slow meandering pace.

December 7, 2007

Report From Bill Main: Visibility 70′ +, flow is still way down, could swim forever, lots of water lettuce, the steps and platform are great.

October 27, 2007

Report From Jill Heinerth: Conditions are excellent: clear water, low flow, and thick water lettuce.

March 07, 2005

Report From Doug Chappell: Jon Doud and I dove the spring yesterday. The visibility has improved to approximately 35 feet, and the flow is still very strong. The water has been turned on at the shower station at the parking area, which is so nice. The basin continues to retreat, but the last 50 feet is still muddy. We replaced the laundry detergent container at the tree where the line starts with a better looking white float.