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Hart Springs is a Gilchrist County Park located northeast of Trenton and north of Fanning off of State Road 341 on the Suwannee River. After being closed to diving for many years Hart Springs has reopened for cave diving. To dive Hart Springs a diver must hold a Full Cave certification from a recognized cave diving certification agency (such as TDI, IANTD, NSS-CDS, NACD, NAUI) and meet other experience requirements. In addition to meeting all the necessary diving experience requirements, a diver is required to dive the Hart Springs system with an active status guide if entering at The Black Lagoon. A list of active status guides is available on this web site by clicking here.

The Department of Environmental Protection states, “There are two springs in the area. The one farthest south discharges from a large circular limestone cavity extending horizontally to the south. The pool is about 5O ft in diameter and about 27 ft deep near the cavity. The spring run flows northwest, constricting to 16 ft in width and 3 ft in depth, then widens to form a swimming area, about 30 ft downstream, about 100 ft wide at the diving board on the east bank. The run again constricts to about 25 ft and flows under a wooden foot bridge. The second spring enters the main run from the right, the water discharging from a V-shaped vent. The pool is about 25 ft in diameter, and 17 ft deep. A short distance downstream from the confluence of the two runs, an inlet 25 ft wide and about 250 ft long extends to the right (northeast); a small foot bridge crosses it near its junction with the main spring run. From here the run meanders about 850 ft NW. to the Suwannee River.”